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Yembo and Oddua. First child -Argayu Shola. The second child - Oggun. The Fourth child- Ozun. Fifth child - Eleggua. Seventh child- DADA first female. The eigth child - Oba Nani.Presenta muchas habilidades como traer a los seres humanos la inteligencia, la paz y la tranquilidad al mundo.

Obatala es una deidad a la que no se le puede faltar el respeto por lo que no permite que en su presencia se le desnuden, que digan palabras maleducadas, por lo que sus hijos tienen que ser muy educados y con una buena conducta, ya que todos los Orishas respetan profundamente a Obatala por ser el abogado y el negociador de ellos. Su avatar es masculino y es anciano, era el Rey de Ibao. Sus colores son rojo y blanco. Se le considera el primer Obatala en darle permiso al hombre para poder practicar las relaciones sexuales.

En el caso de su eleke o collar son unas cuentas de color amarillo. Santo grande, Hombre y Mujer de mundo, creador de todos los buenos y Malos. Vengo a ti de rodillas para rogarte que pongas ante mis ojos el brillo de las estrellas que has creado, para que pueda ver mis caminos iluminados y encontrar la felicidad que todos necesitamos. Si deseas sacrificar algunos animales para Obatala te recomiendo que sea una gallina sus favoritas son la de guinea y la cabra blanca.

Su corona posee 16 plumas de loro, sin embargo normalmente se le suelen poner unas cuatro. Obatala vive en una sopera y ese es su recipiente, puede ser de cualquier metal que sea plateado o que sea de losa blanca, aunque usualmente se usa la plata. Las reglas por las que se tiene que pasar no son muchas ni complicadas sino que se tiene que guardar ciertos protocolos para cumplir con el momento ya que el ritual de los tambores son para limpiar y agradecer.

Los tambores empiezan a entrar en orden de mayor a menor, luego de esto los tambores se colocan con los platos para realizar una ceremonia de levantamiento de mesa. Al momento de coronar al santo tienen que bailar primero los iworos o los santeros es decir, bailar en frente de los tambores.Olokun is believed to be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean.

Olokun is revered as the ruler of all bodies of water and for the authority over other water deities. Olokun is highly praised for their ability to give great wealth, health, and prosperity to their followers.

Communities in both West Africa and the African diaspora view Olokun variously as female, male, or androgynous. In West African areas directly adjacent to the coast, Olokun takes a male form among his worshipers while in the hinterland, Olokun is a female deity. According to Yoruba traditions about their divine dynasty, Olokun - in her female incarnation - was the senior wife of Emperor Oduduwa.

OSHUN. Orishas \

Her rivalry with one of his other wives is said to have led to her manifesting the Atlantic Ocean. The veneration of Olokun has been revived in the late 20th and early 21st century through visits to Brazil by West African priests. As Olokun did this to drown the humans, the orishas went to Orunmila to ask him what to do. Orunmila told them that Ogun needed to create the longest chain he could possibly create. Knowing this, Obatala went to Ogun and asked him to make the chain and so he did.

Historia de Olokun, la deidad misteriosa de los océanos

Obatala then went down into the ocean and trapped Olokun with it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Olokun Water, Health, and Wealth. Traditional African religion portal. Ibadan: Evans Bros. Nigeria Publishers. Westport, Conn. Black Theology. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

The Sun. Nigeria Cuba Brazil Trinidad. Categories : Yoruba deities Water deities Health deities Abundance deities. Hidden categories: CS1 Yoruba-language sources yo. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.Tiene la capacidad de transformarse. Es temible cuando se enfurece. Representa los secretos del fondo marino, ya que nadie sabe que hay. Siempre se lo representa con careta. Representa las riquezas del fondo del mar y la salud.

Ofrendas a Olokun:. Se le inmolan gallo blanco, pollos, palomas, ganso, pato, jicotea, gallina de guinea. En las ceremonias complejas debe estar presente un Babalawo. Sin embargo, durante mucho tiempo Olorum y Olokum lucharon por el dominio sobre la tierra.

Tan terrible y poderosa es Olokum. Cuando las personas dejan correr sus pasiones e instintos se produce una ruptura con ese nivel espiritual interior. Por otro lado, puede estar relatado parte de la historia del planeta, contando un episodio que aparece referido en la mayor parte de las tradiciones religiosas. Olokum es la Oricha de los Babalawos.

Ambos se encuentran representados en las herramientas de Olokum. Sus herramientas son de plomo y alpaca. Una sirena que representa su belleza misteriosa y peligrosa. Siete pulseras que representan los siete mares.

olokun pataki

Siete cadenas, siete caballitos de mar. The Pataki noted that in the beginning of the world and there were only Olokum Olorun, entities hermaphrodites, containing both the masculine and feminine, who gave birth to Yemaya.

However, long Olokum Olorum and fought for dominion over the earth. Whenever Olorum sent to Earth a blessing, Olokum is appropriate. For its part, wanted to be the only Olorum sovereign of the earth, seeking the submission that the sea overflowed and covered the entire planet. After this we had to beg for land Olokum exist again. So powerful is Olokum terrible.

Olorum when he left her and left heaven Olokum could survive down here, alone and in absentia, but the harmony was broken, as it had been broken communication with the place that represents the direct manifestation of transcendence, power, durability and the sacred, sublime, and that no living being on earth can reach the lost land that harmony.

It was then that Obatala had to come down from heaven to bind Olokum with seven strings and submit it for seeing that lost spirituality, men neglected their faith, tried to drown all mankind and all that existed.

Since then Olokum dwells in the depths of the ocean with a giant sea serpent rears its head in a full moon. Even as it is being bound with seven chains, when angry rages. Obatala was very wise to leave it tied, and men to remember their worship. It shows the power and energy that concentrates Olokum Orisha.

olokun pataki

It relates also to the control of the interior forces of human beings.Elegua is the orisha who opens and closes all paths to mankind. He is the divider of heaven and earth. He travels between heaven and earth letting Olofi and Olodumare know what goes on in this realm.

Elegua is a child orisha in some aspects that loves to play tricks and tests the faith of man. He walks between night and day searching for mankind to test their faith for the great Olofi and the orishas.

Obatala: quién es, pataki, oración y más

There is said to be paths of Elegua. He ranges from a young child to an old man with lots of knowledge. There is also a path of Elegua where the essence is of a woman.

Elegua is seen all around the world. Elegua is any and everywhere. Elegua is the guardian of the dead also as thru him he unlocks the door for the deceased to walk through to reach Olofi where they will rest. In this path he is called Eshu Alagwana. In other religions or beliefs you can associate him with the Egyptian god of the dead Osiris, who leads the dead through the underworld.

Elegua is the one that makes you play at your own risk. If you make the wrong decision, Elegua will open the door with his garavato hook stick made from the guava tree to make you pay your consequence. While you are paying for your mistakes, he testes you again to see if you will continue to do wrong or take the right path.

If you succeed and take the right path he will unlock the door to happiness and fortune. Our lives are shaped into mazes to see which path we go. Elegua is the guardian that sits at every corner and turn of the maze. If you make the wrong move, he will open the path to the wrong outcome. If you take the correct path, he will open the path that you are seeking. Elegua knows and sees all. He is the messenger of Olodumare and Olofi, alongside with the orishas. Which means, he is the one that takes the messages from humankind to the orishas and the messages from the orishas to Olofi.

This is why he is the first and last orisha to be praised to in every ceremony done in Santeria. A Pataki on Elegua One day Olofi was greatly ill and depressed on situations among the universe. He was doing so much in the universe and here on Earth as in still creating life, giving orishas their ache powers and so on. He was so tired that he grew frail. All of the orishas were summoned to see if they can help cure Olofi from his dilemma. All of the orishas gathered in the great hall of Olofi where the supreme being sat on his throne with a lost look in his eye.

As he sat slumped on his throne, the orishas gathered around and were conversing amongst each other. Obatala tried to clean him with his white cloth, Olofi remained the same.Ibu Agana found love on land with Orisha Oko and he was skeptical because he did not want anyone disrespecting her. Olokun saw his daughter very happy over time until one day she came running upset and crying, Olokun asked what had happened.

Orisha Oko felt guilt and was making a sacrifice to Olofi for his disobedience and Olofi accepted the apology. Obatala was entrusted to receive the sacrifice and restore peace on land and ocean.

Olokun threw his waters on the lands, drowning and everything as the ocean waters swallowed the lands. Obatala sent his messengers to Olokun to stop him from his act but he did not respond and kept with it. Living things on land were all drowning and Obatala consulted Orula who told him Olokun was quite upset and will not stop until the land was covered.

Orula told Obatala that he needed a chain to tie Olokun and stop the madness. Okunte rode the waves and went deep into the forest where Ogun was. Once the chain was completed, he gave it to Ibu Okunte who fought the waves back to the ocean where Obatala told her to give the chain to her sister Ibu Achaba. Ibu Achaba was told to swim to where Olokun was and wrap the chain around him from top to bottom.

She did as the great king instructed. Ibu Achaba wrapped Olokun around and around with the chain. Olokun was so upset that he did not feel or see her as she wrapped it around him.

olokun pataki

Once tight, she pulled him and brought him to the depths of the ocean. He was chained to the bottom in disrespect for not following orders from Obatala and the water soon subdued, returning to the ocean.

La bendición de Olokun se recibe siendo humilde y bondadoso

Ibu Agana saw her father tied to the bottom of the ocean and told Orisha Oko that from this day we will apart but when I feel I will come upon land. Not great but you will be me touch your hands.Images by Danilo Lejardi at Lejardi.

Olokun is the orisha that resides in the bottom of the ocean. He is an androgynous orisha that can turn into any shape or form. Olokun is half man and half mermaid. In some houses, Olokun is a female but the majority including myself sees him as a man. Olokun is the depths of the ocean floor. He resides where no man can reach. The only ones who knows of his domain are Olokun himself, Olofi and Olodumare.

His domain is a dark solitude area of water and rocks. Not all fishes can swim to his domain. He is represented by both the living and the dead. Everything sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Its there where Yemaya gives him all the cadavers of the world that happens in her waters. He is given to ensure health, prosperity and foundation in ones life. He hides all the riches at the bottom of the ocean for his petitioners. In the house of his followers, he lives in a blue and white tureen which holds his secrets.

His secrets were given to mankind by Olofi. Olofi is one of the only ones who know his secrets. He is said to reside somewhere dark in the house of his followers. Olokun is very mysterious and has a compulsive temper.

He is said to be chained to the bottom so his rage would not come upon the lands of the earth. Olokun is petitioned especially for health. He is an orisha that can bring that in seconds. His color is blue with off white. His number is 7 or 9. He is the true ruler of the ocean water but through Olofi the superficial part was given to Yemaya.

He takes a mask that he wears. Both santeros and babalows give this orisha, different secrets but they are both the same entity. Pataki on Olokun This pataki derives on the previous one from Orisha Oko. Olokun was not happy at first that Ibu Agana found love on the lands with Orisha Oko. He was very skeptical because he did not want anyone disrespecting her.

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