AMD Zen 3: 600-series chipset will have USB 4.0 support in late 2020

The report comes from MyDrivers who have received info from their sources that the new processors and the accompanying platform will be available by the end of The report talks about two next-generation AMD products, the AMD Ryzen desktop processor lineup and the series chipset based platform. In addition to the Ryzen desktop processors, AMD would also be introducing their series chipset. The source adds that there are little chances of getting Thunderbolt 3 natively on the chipset but overall the X should improve upon the X platform.

It makes sense since the AM4 platform has already been with us for a good 3 years since its initial launch on the series chipsets back in As for the core count, AMD wants to keep pushing the boundaries with future Zen architectures including Zen 3. Just like Zen 2 doubled the core count of Zen, offering up to 64 cores and threads, Zen 3 would also drive higher core counts with improved nodes.

AMD's chiplet design for Zen 2 is one of the most advanced in the industry, offering high core counts at incredibly good performance efficiency. You can read more here about all the architectural changes that AMD is expected to be bringing with their Zen 3 core architecture.

Even Intel's Comet Lake and Rocket Lake processors are expected to retain 14nm architectures with the latter expected to be a back-port of Willow Cove architecture on 14nm. If you thought Ryzen was great, then buckle of your seats because AMD is just getting started for an even bigger CPU product launch.

Expect more information on Zen 3 architecture at CES By Hassan Mujtaba.

Rumor | Ryzen 4000 and X670 to launch in late 2020, Socket AM5 to debut with Ryzen 5000

Dec 2, Share Tweet Submit. Subscribe to our newsletter.The goal for AMD is to release laptops that are just as powerful as they are thin using the U-series Ryzen processors, as well as performance-driven notebooks powered by beefier Ryzen 9 H and Ryzen 9 HS chips.

A full range of chips was announced, from the low-end to the high, and many of them are now available, at a variety of prices. Although Ryzen was also expected to be the name of the next-generation desktop range of Zen 3 processors, AMD confirmed otherwise in early October Those chips are known as Ryzen Cache is reduced, however, and there is some additional memory latency due to an uncoupling of the infinity fabric with system memory.

It drops the process node size from 12nm to 7nm and has a number of architectural efficiency improvements. Thanks to a 7nm process, AMD claims that it is able to reduce power consumption on active and idle modes. That performance can aid in faster boot times, and battery life is improved in some designs too. Desktop Zen 2 chips were a marvel, and their laptop counterparts are comparably impressive. Just look at the spec sheet. With multithreaded performance, the six and eight core Ryzen designs give content creators serious power over laptops with a quad-core design.

This played out in release hardware too. That aside, the best examples of Ryzen gaming laptops do leverage a dedicated GPU. You can find more about them, here. The Zen 2-based Ryzen processors start with the Ryzen 3 GE, which comes with four cores and eight threads and a base clock speed of 3. Like with their mobile counterparts, AMD is promoting the strong graphics performance of these processors.

The strength of the integrated GPU makes it possible to play some games at lower detail settings without a discrete graphics card. Real-world reviews suggested similarly excellent performance, with chips like the G offering the best integrated graphics performance of any CPUs out there. But after alerting the online brokerage to what she believed was a theft in progress, she received a frustrating email.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Any info on new AMD chipset motherboards? Thread starter BenWah Start date Sep 13, BenWah Weaksauce. Joined Jan 21, Messages I would have expected these to come out soonish but can't find info. Aegir Limp Gawd. Joined Apr 15, Messages It's likely an issue with mindshare, where they simply don't want us consumers to be bogged down with too much tech news all at once. There's just nothing to talk about yet, and if they start too soon, we might get bored and forget about it.

Still, I await AM5 with open arms. Joined Feb 9, Messages 56, BenWah said:. Joined Dec 16, Messages 4, What can we expect the X chipsets to offer that the X chipsets don't already?A new report by Chinese site MyDrivers offers some insider information about the Ryzen and X launch. AMD had to develop the X chipset in-house as the traditional vendors did not have the expertise to design a PCI Express 4-compatible chipset. With AMD showing how it's done, this is not going to be a problem next year and once again, partners will be taking over X production.

This should also benefit AMD as apparently, selling chipsets does not really help with the company's profits. Thunderbolt 3 integration is still not on the cards as per the report.

Besides X late next year, we also expect to see motherboards based on the B chipset for midrange builds sometime during January or Februarypossibly around CES. B will continue to be based on PCIe 3. However, Ryzen is most likely to be the last Socket AM4 -compatible generation, according to a insider information obtained by RedGamingTech.

MyDrivers Chinese.

x670 ddr5

Best Displaysfor University Students. Ryzen is expected to feature good IPC improvements and slightly higher clocks than the current Zen 2 lineup. Source s. Related Articles. Intel claims that iK is faste Nokia 2. Please share our article, every link counts! Vaidyanathan Subramaniam - News Editor. From traditional floppy based storage and running DOS commands for every other task, to the connected cloud and shared social experiences we take for granted today, I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed a sea change in the technology landscape.

I honestly feel that the best is yet to come, when things like AI and cloud computing mature further.

Материнские платы на A520, оперативная память DDR5 и Ryzen Threadripper Pro

When I am not out finding the next big cure for cancer, I read and write about a lot of technology related stuff or go about ripping and re-assembling PCs and laptops.According to the sources which were reported by Videocardzit is stated that AMD's Ryzen series family would initially include the Ryzen 9 X and the Ryzen 7 X however, Uniko's Hardware recently tweeted that the initial lineup would not only be based off those two SKUs but also feature the Ryzen 9 X and the Ryzen 5 X.

The AMD Ryzen 9 X will definitely be the flagship with 16 cores and 32 threads followed by the Ryzen 9 X which will feature 12 cores and 24 threads. Pricing is likely to remain close to the existing parts but we have seen from yesterday's leaked benchmark that Zen 3 offers a serious upgrade over Zen 2 CPUs.

As for the launch date, both sources reported at least one day that matches and that's the 20th of October. Yuri stated that his information is based on older reports and that the Zen 3 launch will be held on 20th October with the Ryzen 9 X and Ryzen 7 X going on sale that day.

This would mean that AMD's Zen 3 CPUs will be on store shelves in less than a month's time if the report is true and even before Radeon RX series graphics cards which will be introduced on the 28th of October.

Computerbase also points out two potential dates, one being 20th October and the other being 27th October. It might be possible that AMD releases top-tier chips first followed by the more mainstream parts or they could just select one day and launch the four chips together in retail. It is a chip that has been completely revamped from the group up and focuses on three key features of which include significant IPC gains, faster clocks, and higher efficiency.

AMD has so far confirmed themselves that Zen 3 brings a brand new CPU architecturewhich helps deliver significant IPC gains, faster clocks, and even higher core counts than before. We also got to see a major change to the cache design in an EPYC presentation, which showed that Zen 3 would be offering a unified cache design which should essentially double the cache that each Zen 3 core could have access compared to Zen 2.

That, along with the massive IPC increase and general changes to the architecture, would result in much faster performance than existing Ryzen processors, which already made a huge jump over Ryzen and Ryzen processors while being an evolutionary product rather than revolutionary, as AMD unveiled very recently.

The key thing to consider is that we will get to see the return of the chiplet architecture and AMD will retain support on the existing AM4 socket. AMD had also recently confirmed that Zen 3 based Ryzen desktop processors would mark the continuation of its high-performance journey.

As of now, the competitive advantage that AMD has with its Zen 2 based Ryzen is just way too big compared to whatever Intel has in their sleeves for this year, and Zen 3 based Ryzen CPUs are going to push that envelope even further. The links above are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Wccftech. By Hassan Mujtaba. Sep 30, Share Tweet Submit. Subscribe to our newsletter.You can also list all of your topic distributions. The 13-foot, 1,500-pound shark was displayed when the vessel docked Saturday at Terminal Island in the Los Angeles harbor.

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x670 ddr5

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x670 ddr5

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